30 September | 4:00 p.m. | Depot History Centre, Grabiszyńska 184
Chrząszcz w Trzcinie Theater
For kidds from 5 y.o. | duration: about 60 min.

A spectacle of an ecological nature realised with an experimental technique combining theatre with film animation. Artists use puppet theatre, shadow theatre and live animation. An additional advantage of the show is the music performed live by the highly recognised multi-instrumentalist – Piotr Kolecki.

An amusing Agent of Special Concern (for the Environment), equipped only with a water pistol, sets off on a research mission in a unique vehicle – a bathyscaphe, exhausting soap bubbles instead of fumes. In the underwater depths, he meets various sea creatures: a shoal of fish, a whale, a hammerhead, a shark, and a unique sawfish – Plum and an octopus – Bulb, and this is just the beginning of the adventures…

A spectacle with an ecological meaning, offering the audience great fun involving them from the very beginning in an increasingly dramatic action, until the happy finale. It addresses the dangers of improper management of land resources and waste. The main topic is water pollution, how important water is in our lives and how each of us can take care of it.

The script was created in cooperation with a specialist of the research on the carbon cycle in the oceans, Maciej Telszewski, PhD from UNESCO and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Short description of the theatre: Chrząszcz w Trzcinie Theater is an artistic initiative founded in Rabka-Zdrój in 2013 by enthusiasts who believe in ambitious theater for children. Their distinguishing features are original texts, extensive scenography, puppetry educational background and live music. Emotions of young children are of particular concern. In addition to performances for pre-school and early school audiences, their repertoire also includes “initiation” theatre performances. Currently, the creative axis of the theater is the marriage of Marta and Cezary Skroccy.