30 September | 1:00 p.m. | Depot History Centre, Grabiszyńska 184 1
“Vertykalna” Acrobatics School
For families | duration: about 40 min.

“Once upon a time, there was a Little Prince who lived on Planet B612, which was not much bigger than himself! He loved sunsets and his one and only Rose in the world… The  Vertykalna Acrobatics Center invite you to rediscover the stories of all time in a new acrobatic version with lots of great artists, delightful choreography and unforgettable experiences!

The Little Prince is a story about growing up and discovering your inner child, which adults happen to forget too often.

After all, all adults were once children, and growing up is not a problem, the problem is forgetting that you were once a child.”

The theatre is made up of children and young people attending the Vertykalna Acrobatics School on a daily basis. Our ideology is: „Children for Children”! The artists in our performances are exclusively children and teenagers, and the youngest artist is just over 6 years old. The theater uses the medium of broadly understood movement. During our performances you will find elements from the borderline of sports and aerial acrobatics, circus arts, dance and much more!