Generative AI: Your New Digital Assistant

How AI will add trillions to the global economy according to Mckinsey report A generative AI “representative” could handle service queries across any platform to reduce customer service wait times and improve response times. They will be able to take orders, process customer feedback and mimic the interactions consumers might have. Whether with a tailor, shoemaker or […]

Chatbot Out of the box or out of the context?

By linking the chatbot to a knowledge base, customers can easily access helpful articles and FAQs without having to wait for a live agent. When implementing a chatbot for customer support, it’s important to ensure that it is properly trained and can understand a wide range of customer inquiries. Additionally, businesses should have a plan […]

Generative AI in Medical Research, Healthcare and Education Events

Sustaining Innovation in Research: Innovations and Issues around Generative AI University of London She serves as medical, science, and technology advisor and board member to a number of companies in the medical, space life sciences, and neurotechnology spaces. Dr. Chander is also a passionate advocate for data and biometric rights, especially neurorights and neurosovereignty. In […]

Chat GPT: is it worth it? We compare AI generated content ..

Embrace Chat GPT: LLMs & Generative AI as Banking’s Response to Big Tech What makes ChatGPT a new iteration in AI is its impressive performance in natural language generation tasks. Compared to earlier language models, ChatGPT is capable of generating much more complex and coherent responses to prompts. It achieves this by using a large number […]

What is generative AI? A Google expert explains

What is generative AI, what are foundation models, and why do they matter? If a work is CC licensed, does that person need to follow the license in order to use the work in AI training? Gartner predicts generative AI and decision intelligence, which involve teaching predictive AI how to affect predicted outcomes, will reach […]

Whats The Difference Between Object & Image Recognition?

The nodules vary in size and shape and become difficult to be discovered by the unassisted human eye. OK, now that we know how it works, let’s see some practical applications of image recognition technology across industries. Today, users share a massive amount of data through apps, social networks, and websites in the form of […]