8th edition of the “Dziecinada” International Festival of Children’s Theatre will be happening entirely outdoors.

“Dziecinada” is the only International Festival of Children’s Theatre in Lower Silesia that is directed to children, their guardians, and whole families. The event presents a unique opportunity to develop creativity and foster open-mindedness in social life by participating in culture. In 2020 the festival will have a rather unusual format suitable to these unusual times. 8th edition of the festival will take place in open spaces around Wrocław – gardens, yards, parks – pretty much anywhere, where we can provide the audience with both incredible theatrical experience and safety. As always the entertainment will be diverse to account for different ages and sensitivity of our rather varied audience. The programme will include at least four major theatrical plays and several smaller spectacles, providing ample entertainment for the whole family. Once again it will be an opportunity to experience international theatre at its finest.

The event is hosted by Wrocław Culture Zone and the Puppet Clinic Theatre / Foundation for Supporting Alternative and Ecological Cultures.

More details will soon be available.

8th International Festival of Children’s Theatre “Dziecinada”

1–4 October 2020