Theatre in the open air at the 9th edition of the “Dziecinada” festival

The new edition of the International Festival for Children “Dziecinada” starts already on 9 June, but the greatest intensity of events is planned for the weekend. The Foundation for the Support of Alternative and Ecological Cultures and Wrocław Culture Zone invite everyone to four days of theatrical rapture not only for the youngest ones.  – […]

We know the programme of this year’s “Dziecinada”!

The International Festival of Children’s Theatre “Dziecinada” returns at a new date and with even more attractions. The programme includes guests from Norway, Spain and the Czech Republic. For the ninth time, the Foundation for Supporting Alternative and Ecological Cultures and Strefa Kultury Wrocław (Wrocław Cultural Zone) organises in Wrocław one of the most exceptional […]

Create with us “Dziecinada”!

We are looking for partners who want to join the programme of events accompanying the 9th edition of the festival on 11-12 June 2022. Do you run an activity aimed at children and/or parents and want to organise a workshop/show/play to promote your activity within the Festival Town on the square in front of Impart? […]

We’ve got new date for you!

This year’s 9th edition of the International Festival of Children’s Theatre “Dziecinada” looks like a kaleidoscope in which you can find various constellations. Musical, colourful, committed, surprising. Theatre at the highest world level will visit places which are not obvious. Intimate, sensory performances, with a very close or even blurred actor-spectator relationship, will contrast with […]

Day 3 in pictures

26 September (Sunday) Alicja w Krainie Czarów / Alice in Wonderland, Aya Theatre Epidemia śmiechu, czyli Teatr Clowna Pinezki / Epidemic of Laughter or the Clown Pinezka’s Theatre Usłysz mnie/ Hear me out, PoProstu Theatre Noe / Noah, Walny Theatre Pinokio / Pinocchio, Baj Theatre in Warsaw and Stinorhy, Waxwing Theatre (interactive theatre exhibition) Edukido – […]

8th Dziecinada Festival – day 2 (photo gallery)

25 September (Saturday) The Kluns, Awake Projects (Sweden) Eliksir mądrości / Elixir of Wisdom, Wariate Theatre Pchła Szachrajka, Zelazny Theatre Baśnie Ludów Ziemi / Tales of the Peoples of the Earth, Theatre of the Ancient Art of Storytelling Szafa Show, Sztukmistrze Foundation and The Grand Marionettes of Puppet Clinic Theatre – animations and workshops Circus Village FrikArt […]

8th Dziecinada Festival – day 1 in pictures

24 September (Friday) Awake LOVE Orchestra, Awake Projects (Sweden) Kosmiczna Podróż Guliwera / Gulliver’s Space Travels, Puppet Clinic Theatre and Virtual observations of the Solar System’s largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn with he Astronomical Institute of Wrocław University, Painting car with Motorpol Wrocław photo: Marcin Jędrzejczak  

The 8th edition of the Dziecinada Festival launched!

We are back after a year-long hiatus – this year’s fully open-air edition will take place on 24-26 September. This year, we will be joined by Swedes from the Awake Projects group – their musical journey will start with melodies of Swedish folk and children’s songs, after which they will take the audience on a […]