Centrum na Przedmieście, formal stage
“Bon apetit, Wolf!”, Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí (Slovakia)
Age: 3+
Duration: 60 minutes

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Sometimes there is something extraordinary happening even in fairytales. What has to happen for a wolf to become a vegetarian and a rabbit to howl on moon? A fairytale that will expose what happens when the old grumpy wolf is responsible for the rabbit´s upbringing.

A play about extraordinary friendship full of cheerfulness and nonsense.

Author: Marta Guśniowska
Music: Róbert Mankovecký as a guest
Scene design: Eva Farkašová as a guest
Translation and director: Marián Pecko
Cast: Ivana Kováčová, Mária Šamajová

Teatr Polski, Świebodzki stage
“Circus Absence”, Absence (Norway)
Age: 4+(family)
Duration: 65 minutes

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Meet the zany clowns, the siamese twins, the mystical magician and the bearded lady – and join them as they take down the greedy circus director and his henchman, the gorilla. Circus Absence is the story of a successful circus that captivates the audience. In the shadows of the amazing artist stands a poor busboy with a dream of joining them in the ring. When it turns out the greedy director is scamming his artists, the busboy takes it upon himself to reveal the dirty deeds. And the showdown is spectacular! ‘ Absence Crew are former norwegian champions in breaking, and are known from television shows such as Norway Got Talent and Norway’s Best Dance Crew. They have produced multiple critically acclaimed and popular theatre productions where they use breaking as the primary means of conveying. They’ve also been part of other productions on both small and big stages around Norway.

Director: Jo Strømgren
Producer: Absence
Co-producer: Den Nationale Scene
Costumes: Linn-Therese Michelsen
Mask & make-up: Mette Noodt
Light design: Einar Bjarkø
Sound design: Bjarte Våge
Photo: Jarle Moe/Andreas Roksvåg
Dramaturgy: Morten Kjerstad
Dancers: Andreas Roksvåg, Christopher Bottolfsen, Christopher Cardoso Daniel Grindeland, Halvard Haldorsen, Hans Kristian Andersen, Piero Issa
Technics: Fie Hoff Baro, Sondre Sivle Erenstsen

Impart, backyard stage
Mary, the Fossil Hunter”, Baj Theatre in Warsaw
Age: 7+
Duration: 70 minutes

phot. Albert Roca Macia

Mary is a girl who is full of feelings and faith in honesty. She has knowledge and luck that cause the envy of two not-quite-serious-but-quite smart paleontologists who buy back her archaeological discoveries and fossils from her. She spends her days by the sea looking for signs of passing time, saying that after her dad passed away, she feels a bit like a fossil herself. Her sensitivity to the past allow her to discover traces that were invisible to others. If it were not for her passion, patience, and honesty with herself and others, we would never have heard of her. We would never have heard of either the little girl or the great paleontologist Mary Anning, who lived in southern England in the late 18th and early 19th century, and who was the inspiration for this play.

We live in a world full of computers, planes, robots, and other amenities. Mary Anning lived in a time when all these things have not been invented yet. The dinosaurs lived in a world where there were no humans yet. Feels strange to even think about it, does it not? What if we and the prehistoric creatures were to travel back to Mary Anning’s time and see what these great lizards thought of humans and the world they created for themselves? Let us get engaged with unearthing the past.

The play received an award at the 31st. Children and Youth Play Contest organised by the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań.

The author’s copyright in the play is held by ADiT Drama and Theatre Agency.

Author: Aleksandra Zielińska
Directed by: Tomasz Kaczorowski
Dramaturgy: Aleksandra Zielińska
Stage design: Agnieszka Wielewska
Music: Miłosz Sienkiewicz
Assistant director: Robert Płuszka
Agata Słowik (guest): Mary
Marta Gryko-Sokołowska: Plesiosaurus
Aneta Płuszka: Ichthyosaurus
Andrzej Bocian: Paleontologist 1
Marcin Marcinowicz: Pterodactyl
Robert Płuszka: Paleontologist 2

Centrum na Przedmieście, patio
Show of artistic work by Brave Kids Gaj / Lelenfant | 3:00 p.m.
Age: family
Duration: 20 minut
Free admision

phot. Daniel Kiermut

A several minutes long performance prepared by Brave Kids participants will allow you to get to know the child-artistic side of Wrocław. Explore your own identity and discover other cultures coexisting in the city. Come and find out what is hidden behind the curtain of the Lelenfant project!

It is said that elephants (French: l’éléphant) are the most peaceful, wise, and friendly creatures on earth. Just like children! (French: l’ enfant). And it was this association that gave the basis for the symbolism of the project.

The Lelenfant project is an initiative for intercultural integration based on the concept of ‘children teaching children’. The participants in the project, although much smaller than elephants, show just as big of a heart when creating artistic performances together.

The play was created during Brave Kids / Lelenfant artistic workshops during the period from April to June as part of the project “PROMOTION OF WROCŁAW THROUGH THE REALIZATION OF THE BRAVE KIDS PROJECT IN WROCŁAW”, co-financed by the Wrocław Municipality. The project is implemented by the “Przyjaźń Sztuka Edukacja” Foundation.



Circus Town (workshops and animations), Frikart & Kids New Circus | 12:00-7:00 p.m.

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Many hours of fun which is not boring and, in addition, shapes character, develops passions, encourages sports exercises and teaches correct body posture.

In the Circus town children learn the secrets of circus art at various stations. The stations are manned in parallel by professional entertainers trained to work with children, which is why we ensure maximum safety. A good circus.

NOTE: All shows and exercises are performed under the supervision of experienced animators, circus art instructors, while maintaining safety rules for children and their environment.

Animations, workshops and Cosmic Journeys, Klinika Lalek Theatre and others partners | 12:00-7:00 p.m.

phot. Marcin Jędrzejczak

On the square in front of Impart we will provide young participants with plenty of artistic attractions! Actors, animators, educators and all sorts of artists will treat the youngest children to wonderful experiences. Thanks to workshops, discussions and meetings, children will be able to develop their artistic, manual and interpersonal skills. All this through joint activities in the field of art.

“Pineapple”, Uszyty Theatre (Poland) | 1:00 p.m.
Age: family
Duration: 45 minutes

phot. Piotr Manasterski

A play based on Anna Świrszczyńska’s “Cudowna broda szacha”. The performance hearkens back to the tradition of a fair theatre, where the stories and plays were presented directly from a cart or a stall, and the characters – played by puppets – appeared in a small window space. This play will offer no shortage of such situation, and the cart will turn into an extraordinary vehicle that will take the audience on a journey through time and space. The dynamic storyline, told in verse and accompanied by music created using ethnic instruments, will certainly get the imagination of young viewers going.

Director, script and cast: Katarzyna Kopczyk and Andrzej Kopczyk
Music: Andrzej Kopczyk
Stage design: Andrzej Kopczyk
Collaboration on stage design: Katarzyna Kopczyk, Robert Poryziński

“Busch Circus”, Kids New Circus (Poland) | 2:00 p.m.
Age: family
Duration: 40 minutes

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The Kids New Circus group has been operating under the auspices of the Critical Education Association for 5 years.

The group was founded and is run by a group of friends – school children. They share their passion with children from families with many children and from socially excluded backgrounds by running regular circus workshops. They teach children how to juggle balls, diabolo, spin poi, ride a monocycle and acrobatics. The classes culminate in numerous shows and performances. They also go on festivals and trips but most of all they have fun and spend their time actively.

The performance “Busch Circus” is based on the history of the Busch family circus empire and its tragic fate, especially that of Paula Busch, a pre-war feminist circus artist. Looking for their traces in pre-war Breslau, we are also looking for a beautiful rotunda-shaped brick circus building that stood on the square pl. Rozjezdny in Wrocław until 1945.

“How Czesiek and Wiesiek found their Appetite”, Delikates Theatre (Poland) | 3:00 p.m.
Age: 3-100 
Duration: 50 minutes

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The Adventures of Wiesiek and Czesiek is a series of educational plays for children aged 3 to 10 and older.

The two characters played by Marek Dec and Wiktor Malinowski appear on stage with their unusual chest containing all their belongings. They make for a cheerful, fun, and nice duo. The adventures they go on make them happy, but there is always a problem that needs to be solved.

The second instalment in the series is a journey in search of appetite.
As always, they are successful. This time the two protagonists are troubled by the question about the Appetite and want to know who he is.
This time, the rule the two protagonists go by is :
“Big or small, eating your veggies makes you perfect”.

Music: Marcin Pyciak
Costumes: Małgorzata Meller
Stage design: Marek Dec, Wiktor Malinowski
Script: Wiktor Malinowski
Director: Wiktor Malinowski
Cast: Marek Dec, Wiktor Malinowski
Voice: Grzegorz Sierzputowski

“Bill Bombadill Show”, Frikart (Poland) | 4:30 p.m.
Age: family
Duration: 45 minutes

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Ladies and gentlemen, give Bill Bombadilla a round of applause! Are you ready for an extraordinary circus show and to enter the magical world of juggling, acrobatics, pantomime and original gags? Be careful, because this is a wild ride – Bill Bombadill will make you burst out laughing and then rub your eyes in amazement.

Bill Bombadill is a family, interactive, humorous show with elements of juggling, pantomime and acrobatics. Why family? Because it’s fun for kids and adults. And why interactive? Because Bill won’t let you stand idly by – he draws you into a dialogue and pulls you onto the stage without any pardon!

The programme includes: quiz with pantomime elements, knife juggling, flying diabolo, turning your head 360 degrees, rola bola balancing and juggling… with torches!

“Kaleidoscope”, Cirk La Putyka (Czech Republic) | 6:00 p.m.
Age: 5+
Duration: 50 minutes

phot. Jiří Šeda

Crazy jumps on a giant teeterboard, group dance choreographies, aerial acrobatics and flying on a trampoline. Gags follow a trick, rhythmic music alternates with laughter, and hypnotic images contrast with an open-air summer party. Tradition meets the modern, experienced Putykans mix with the young circus blood. A total of eight acrobats, actors and dancers gleam like the colorful fragments in a kaleidoscope. Let your mind wander. Open your eyes, prick up your ears and let yourself be engrossed in a glaring collage of art and joy.

“The title correctly implies that the show is more about focus on form and beauty than on metaphysical wonderings on philosophy of life and being.” – says Maksim Komaro, director

The show Kaleidoscope was created during the coronavirus pandemic, so the creative process had to adapt to the restrictions imposed. Due to the closed borders, the Finnish director was present at most rehearsals only on-line, thanks to cameras and monitors. 
Direction: Maksim Komaro
Director Assistant: Daniel Komarov
Set design: Pavla Kamanová
Music: Jan Balcar
Costumes, make-up: Kristina Záveská
Technical collaboration: Oldřich Procházka, Daniel Hajtl, Prokop Štěpánek
Lighting design: Jan Mlčoch
Hair styling: Jan Balcařík, Lenka Habartová 
Photo: Jiří Šeda
Video: Jakub Jelen
Graphic design: Martin Sršeň (Vosa)
Production: David Ostružár
Producer: Cirk La Putyka
Aerial hoop choreography: Ilona Jäntti
Cast: Naim Ashhab, Michal Boltnar, Nikol Fryšová, Adam Joura, Daniel Komarov, Adéla Míšková, Helena Nováčková, Jiří Weissmann
Performance co-financed by:

Performance co-financed by:

The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme.