Fun, Fuss, Fever”, Kolekttacz (Poland)
Age: 2,5-4 (toddlers)
Duration: 40 minutes

phot. D. Majewski

The play is but a meeting – natural, casual, open, inclusive, sensitive. It’s about peace, closeness, community and family. What do we experience? Diversity, surprises, misunderstandings, fun, breakdowns, arguments, and fuss! We are all different. We all have our own stories, we meet, we wait for each other, we run away from each other. We are like colourful marbles thrown into a box – sometimes we squeeze together, sometimes we roll side by side, and sometimes we collide, shatter and cause an explosion. We experiment, we grow up alongside each other, we get to know ourselves… Simply because we are together, connected by an invisible web of feelings and thoughts. Is it hard for us to live with ourselves sometimes? Of course! After all, everyone pushes their limits, everyone stumbles and everybody causes their own commotion from time to time!

When performing, we look for a particular energy that gives freedom, focus and fun. We provoke, create and observe relationships, including among ourselves. In our plays, we take up an extremely interesting subject of perceiving otherness, recognizing and responding to differences and accepting them. For this, we use unprogrammed interaction. We want to highlight the importance of being in tune with ourselves and working together in the community.

Choreography / Director / Performance:
Kolekttacz: Aniela Kokosza, Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska, Agnieszka Dubilewicz
Collaboration on choreography: Izabela Chlewińska
Music: Hania Rani + excerpt from Mutant Brain by Sam Spiegel
Costumes: Olga Strizhniova
Production: Art Fraction Foundation
Sound and light designer: Adam Jodko

The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme.