Impart, backyard stage “Bleee… “, Baj Pomorski Theatre in Toruń (Poland)
Age: 6+
Duration: 50 minutes

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A story of a Butterfly exiled from the Butterfly Kingdom and sentenced to serve his time on a bus at the terminus on Kacza Street. A story about how each of us is unique and precious. A musical play for children inspired by Milos Forman’s “Hair, filled to the brim with singing, music and dancing.

The butterfly dared to conclude that since the Butterfly Queen is always “absent for a moment”, she simply does not exist. For this, he is sentenced to serve time on an out-of-service bus parked at the terminus on Kacza Street. There he meets other prisoners, thrown out by something or someone, or who have arrived and decided to live in the prison on their own – due to their own complexes and because they were feeling useless.

A spider without legs, a wasp without a stinger, a butterfly pupa, who is ashamed to come out of its cocoon because it thinks it is too fat, two smelly cockroaches, and a mysterious creature with a strange name – Ble.

Wiktor, Daria, Antonio, Banderas and Mańka live in a hippie bus, but they never go anywhere in it. Even though they are serving time, they do not want to leave. They have to spend time with each other, but they do not know how to live together because they do not accept themselves. This is only taught to them by the Swallowtail, who shows them that they all have their own talents, that they are important and that they can accomplish something.  

Author: Malina Prześluga Director: Laura Słabińska Stage design: Marika Wojciechowska Music: Piotr Nazaruk Choreography: Jacek Gębura Stage manager: Hanna Grewling-Murawska

Cast: Ble: Edyta Łukaszewicz-Lisowska Swallowtail: Krzysztof Grzęda Daria, Butterfly III: Grażyna Rutkowska-Kusa Wiktor, Judge: Mariusz Wójtowicz Mańka, Butterfly lI: Marta Parfieniuk-Białowicz Antonio, Butterfly I: Andrzej Korkuz Banderas, Butterfly IV: Andrzej Słowik Ladybird and Potato Beetle: Panowie techniczni

Teatr Polski, Świebodzki stage “7 Circles”, Kauno Miesto Kamerinis Teatras (Lithuania)
Age: 3+
Duration: 45 minutes

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Too early for the theatre? Definitely not. According to neuroscientists and early education  specialists, children are most receptive in the early childhood. If children are taught, watch performances and listen to classical music from their early days, they develop a liking for these things for the rest of their lives.

7 wheels is a musical movement performance for the youngest children and their parents  This is a great opportunity for you to go out and for the kids to experience something new. With live traditional music we will join into meditating rituals and games, together with the creators of the performance.

We will travel across 7 different colours, sounds, states and rituals. It is a joyful way to experience how simple daily routines, games, songs and tales can turn into extraordinary experiences and produce a feeling of togetherness.

A combination of modern and traditional dance, video animation, a game with objects, authentic musical instruments and live polyphonic singing in this performance create an enjoyable and playful ritual. Children and adults get involved into music, movement, pleasant entertainment, all of which creates a contemporary therapy of harmony and union.

Author & Director: Ieva Jackevičiūtė
Set & Costume design: Indrė Pačėsaitė
Visual projections: Tautvydas Rasiulis 
Actors: Saulė Sakalauskaitė, Greta Šepliakovaitė, Marius Gotbergas, Raimondas Klezys/Mantas Bendžius

Centrum na Przedmieściu, formal stage  “The Stories of the Little Lupitina González”, Loutky bez hranic (Czech Republic)
Age: 4+
Duration: 50 minutes

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The family of Lupitina, a little Mexican girl, is getting ready to celebrate All Soul’s Day, which in local culture is a colourful and joyful holiday, a meeting of death and life. The living make merry together with the departed, with whom they converse and sing their favourite songs, and for whom they prepare their beloved meals. The magical, extremely sincere, and lively spectacle by Dora Bouzková is addressed to the youngest audience and told in the language of the child. The by no means easy topic of departure is treated with a certain distance and humour, while retaining an awareness of the complex emotions accompanying it and bringing us closer to the very essence of the problem. By taming the theme of death it reminds us that the latter remains a natural part of every life. 

Direction, music: Dora Bouzková 
Stage design: Magdalena Prousková-Koděrová 



Circus Town (workshops and animations), Frikart & Kids New Circus | 12:00-7:00 p.m

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Many hours of fun which is not boring and, in addition, shapes character, develops passions, encourages sports exercises and teaches correct body posture. In the Circus town children learn the secrets of circus art at various stations. The stations are manned in parallel by professional entertainers trained to work with children, which is why we ensure maximum safety. A good circus. NOTE: All shows and exercises are performed under the supervision of experienced animators, circus art instructors, while maintaining safety rules for children and their environment.

Animations, workshops and Cosmic Journeys, Klinika Lalek Theatre and others partners | 12:00-7:00 p.m.

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On the square in front of Impart we will provide young participants with plenty of artistic attractions! Actors, animators, educators and all sorts of artists will treat the youngest children to wonderful experiences. Thanks to workshops, discussions and meetings, children will be able to develop their artistic, manual and interpersonal skills. All this through joint activities in the field of art.

“The Dong With a Luminous Nose”, Uszyty Theatre (Poland) | 1:00 p.m. 
Age: 5+
Duration: 45 minutes

phot. Przemek Wiśniewski

“The Dong With a Luminous Nose” is a play based on Edward Lear’s collection of poems with the same title. It is a play full of lyrical, witty and nonsensical situations, woven into the story of Dong’s love for a certain Girl and the sounds of the sea. One of the key roles in the play is played by the stage design that is built in front of the viewer’s eyes. The special and extraordinary music complements the show.

Director, script and cast: Katarzyna Kopczyk and Andrzej Kopczyk
Stage design: Barbara Guzik, Andrzej Kopczyk
Music: Michał Kowalczyk

“How Czesiek and Wiesiek overcame Shame”, Delikates Theatre (Poland) | 3:00 p.m.
Age: 3-100 
Duration: 50 minutes

phot. Artur Gutowski

The Adventures of Wiesiek and Czesiek is a series of educational plays for children aged 3 to 10 and older.

The two characters played by Marek Dec and Wiktor Malinowski appear on stage with their unusual chest containing all their belongings. They make for a cheerful, fun, and nice duo. The adventures they go on make them happy, but there is always a problem that needs to be solved.

Often it stems from a lack of acceptance among peers or the inability to cope with new experiences or emotions. Czesiek and Wiesiek always find a way out of difficult situations and solve all their problems.

They live by one rule – Big or small, we are all perfect.

Inspiration: Teacher’s Library, Therapeutic Fairy Tales published by PWN Script, director, lyrics, stage movement: Wiktor Malinowski Cast: Marek Dec, Wiktor Malinowski Music for the play composed by: Marcin Pyciak

“Busch Circus”, Kids New Circus (Poland) | 4:00 p.m.
Age: family
Duration: 40 minutes

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The Kids New Circus group has been operating under the auspices of the Critical Education Association for 5 years.

The group was founded and is run by a group of friends – school children. They share their passion with children from families with many children and from socially excluded backgrounds by running regular circus workshops. They teach children how to juggle balls, diabolo, spin poi, ride a monocycle and acrobatics. The classes culminate in numerous shows and performances. They also go on festivals and trips but most of all they have fun and spend their time actively.

The performance “Busch Circus” is based on the history of the Busch family circus empire and its tragic fate, especially that of Paula Busch, a pre-war feminist circus artist. Looking for their traces in pre-war Breslau, we are also looking for a beautiful rotunda-shaped brick circus building that stood on the square pl. Rozjezdny in Wrocław until 1945.

“Bomberos”, Squadra Sua (Czech Republic) | 5:00 p.m.
Age: 5+
Duration: 50 minutes

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‘Fire-tale’ and slapstick street show about three clowns, whose lives mainly revolve around water and the heroic motto „Help Thy Neighbour“.Family show for everyony who ever wanted to be a fireman.

Welcome to the confused celebrations of 120th anniversary of the Bomberos fire-fighting unit. All the thee men in the unit love love their job, and are determined to fulfill their duties. They never drop their guard despite the fact that nobody calls them anymore – no fire, no flood, no kitten high up a tree, nothing. Still, they work hard, do their training, unroll and re-roll their hoses, ready to “Help Thy Neighbour!”

„Czereśnie – concert for young and old”, Czereśnie (Poland) | 7:00 p.m.
Age: family
Duration: 60 minutes

phot. Klaudyna Schubert

Imagine songs about the most important things – nature conservation, taking care of one’s own health, caring for your loved ones, respecting diversity. Addressed to the youngest audience, but without infantilisation, lively, full of fun and interaction with the audience. Imagine a band for children that is different than others – Czereśnie!

Andrzej Zagajewski, the winner of the Paszport “Polityki” Award joined forces with Hańba! to create music not only for entertainment, but also to stimulate the development of each person, especially the youngest – their sensitivity, creativity and ability. Their concerts are an opportunity to get to know the whole range of instruments and their sounds – drums, banjo, mandolin, bass guitar, even tuba and clarinet. The young audience has a chance to participate in a real concert, performed by professional musicians who played concerts in the United States, all of Europe, as well as in distant China and Australia. A real concert does not mean that there is no fun – children will be encouraged not only to dance, stomp or clap, but also to play songs on small instruments together.

They recorded three LPs: “Ale wrzawa!”, “Pestki” and “Sport to zdrowie”. They want to enrich the music scene for the youngest audiences. Music is not only a way to relax and have fun, but most importantly, it directly stimulates the development of every person, especially in young age, impacting their sensitivity, creativity and skills.

The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme.