The International Festival of Children’s Theatre “Dziecinada” returns at a new date and with even more attractions. The programme includes guests from Norway, Spain and the Czech Republic.

For the ninth time, the Foundation for Supporting Alternative and Ecological Cultures and Strefa Kultury Wrocław (Wrocław Cultural Zone) organises in Wrocław one of the most exceptional events for children, parents, carers and whole families. The festival has a new date and this time it invites to the theatre already in June. The performances will be held from 9th to 12th June in several locations:  Teatr Polski (Świebodzki stage), Centrum na Przedmieściu, and Impart (backyard stage). There will also be an open-air weekend party on the square in front of Impart which was extremely popular in 2021. What will this year’s edition of “Dziecinada” be like?   Musical, colourful, committed, surprising. Sensory performances, with a very close or even blurred actor-spectator relationship, will contrast with an open-air event bathed in sunshine. Tradition will meet modernity. The atmospheric theatre of street vagabonds, mixed with plays drawing inspiration from pop culture.  Big shows combined with performances that will convince you that the entire theatrical world can successfully fit into a small box, and that there is great theatrical potential hidden in small miniatures –says Wiktoria Wiktorczyk, producer of the festival.

After the pandemic edition, whose programme was definitely affected by transport restrictions, the festival returns with an extended list of international guests. This year, we will see artists from Norway, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Cirk La Putyka will present group choreographies of dance, aerial acrobatics and trampoline flying in the performance “Kaleidoscope”. Loutky bez hranic from the Czech Republic will tell the story of the family of Lupitina, a little Mexican girl preparing to celebrate All Souls’ Day, which in the local culture is a colourful and joyful holiday. The Absence group, former Norwegian breaking champions known from TV shows such as Norway Got Talent and Norway’s Best Dance Crew, will tell in form of dance the story of a poor waiter’s helper who joins a successful circus. The programme proposals also include the most beautiful performances from Polish theatres. Teatr Animacji in Poznań will present “Nowe szaty Króla” (The King’s New Clothes), while the Teatr Baj Pomorski in Toruń will stage a musical spectacle for children “Bleee… “, inspired by Milos Forman’s musical “Hair”.

At this year’s “Dziecinada” the range of topics and emotions will be spectacularly wide.Laughter , glitter, crazy jumps on a giant trampoline, choreography, clownery, fun, but also sensitive topics. Performances about self-esteem, equality of rights, interpersonal relations, the desire for acceptance – by others and by oneself, about love, about influencing one’s own reality, about the thin line between life and death – tells the producer.

The weekend (11-12 June) will bring the most attractions, during which a zone for pass holders will be launched on the square in front of Impart. Apart from performances, there will also be workshops, animations, shows, and even a concert for young and old performed by the band Czereśnie.

The full programme and tickets for the event will be available from 25 April at:, and  


The event is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodship.