28 September | 10:00 a.m. & 12:00 | Firlej, Grabiszyńska 56
No Shoes theater (LT)
For kids from 6 mth. - to 3 y.o. | duration: about 45 min.

In the mythologies of various peoples of the world, water symbolizes life and is the beginning of everything. The creators will invite the viewer to get involved and help the two actor-dancers wake up the river. The sounds of classical music, soft scenography details will immerse the little viewers in fantasy oceans, mystical spaces floated by water impulses, stories, and at the same time – will develop children’s senses.


The No Shoes theater introduces itself with the slogan “to make it cleaner inside and around me” and invites you to enter the space and leave your shoes outside the door. With live music playing, we create interactive, multi-sensory movement theater for babies, children and young people. Here, the focus is always on the viewer, who is invited to participate in the action and be not only spectator but also creator. In our work, we use instrumental and vocal music, various elements of contemporary dance, video projections and other directly engaging tools. In the performances, the viewer has the opportunity to become an active creator of the action, rather than a passive observer of it.