29 Spetember| 11:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m. | Centrum na Przedmieściu, Prądzyńskiego 39 A (formal stage)
Odivo theatre (SK)
For kids from 2 y.o. | duration: about 30 min.

Non-verbal aerial laboratory for children, their parents and all those who like to be blown away.

Aero is a form of object theatre poetry depicting our relationship to flying, movement in the air. Performers, like scientists, explore the possibilities of creation and transformation of the world by means airflow, while the flow affects different materials/objects and air vibration generates music. A special award for originality and fantasy to the play Aero performed by the Odivo Theater from Slovakia from the 28th International Children's Theater Festival Subotica in 2021.


Since 2014, independent theatre group Odivo has presented their work at more than 90 national and international festivals and received many awards. Theatre language of the group incorporates artistic crossovers, and plays with the methods of puppetry, object, physical theatre, including performance art. Apart from making their own productions for all age groups, Odivo is also involved in paratheatrical projects, educational activities, and collaborations with artists from different fields. The key persons of the group are Monika Kováčová and Mária Danadová. Apart from independent scene, they cooperate with state-funded theatres. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.