29 September | 10:00 a.m. & 12:00 | Teatr Polski, Orlont Lwowskich Square 20C (Świebodzki stage)
Juozas Miltinis dramos teatras co. No Shoes theater (LT)
For kids from 3 to 8 y.o. | duration: about 45 min.

“Lullaby for the Earth” is an interactive musical movement performance for children from the age of three. The play reveals the problem of Earth pollution, its causes and consequences: littering, air pollution, animal extinction, global warming, rains and others in a language understandable to children. How to help the Earth? The creators of the show offer a symbolic act of calming the earth, comforting it. Lullabies performed in the original language of different countries of the world were chosen to express this. The play does not have a coherent plot and a story told in words, there are no specific characters. “Lullaby for the Earth” is an immersive performance in which the actors communicate directly with children not through the ramp, but by inviting them into the acting space, offering a different action-game in each scene.

Juozas Miltinis drama theater is based in Panevėžys, Lithuania.