28 September | 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. | Teatr Polski, Orląt Lwowskich Square 20C
Progetto g.g. /Accademia Perduta Romagna Teatri (IT)
For kids from 6 y.o. | duration: about 75 min.

“This is the story of a nest .. of a large nest …

of a warm nest. This is the story of a nest ..

and someone who is there and someone who comes … “


At the beginning there is a white house, stable and safe place, root and place of safety. Those who live there know the tranquility of the ritual that is repeated, of “nothing wrong can happen”. But one day someone who does not expect arrives in the house, an “other” arrives, outside the box, destabilizing, removing certainties, but also novelty and magic. Because the newcomer brings a gift: a strange egg. To keep, to take care of, to protect, to wait. Together. Time passes, marked by the seasons. The meeting between two worlds and different ways slowly becomes an opportunity for discovery and exchange. And in exchange you can teach and also learn. Grow, renew and be amazed at the new and magical life that comes.


Project g.g. it stems from an idea of Consuelo Ghiretti and Francesca Grisenti, from an idea that is taking shape step by step. A fantastic, spontaneous, difficult and dreamed purpose. It is the g. that binds them to the origins. It is the g. of juniper, understood as a hodgepodge, intertwining, tangle, the one in which they usually find themselves in the research phase, and which sometimes decide not to completely dissolve. Why g. it is also the g. of the game, which combines the forms that determine the work they choose to build together with the children. In a continuous research that they carry on with and for children. In 2017 the first production of Progetto g.g. debuts, Valentina Vuole – a small narration for actresses and puppets (finalist in –BOX VERDE 2018 and Show winner of the Eyes Wide Open 2019 Award for the “best dramaturgy”).