The Foundation for the Support of Alternative and Ecological Cultures / Klinika Lalek Theatre and Culture Zone Wrocław invite you to Wrocław for four days filled with theatre performances, circus shows, animations and workshops. This year's events will take place at five locations: Impart Centrum, Firlej, Centrum in Przedmieście, Teatr Polski – Świebodzki stage and Depot History Centre, where exciting outdoor activities are planned.

In a moment, the festival for all children, not only the youngest ones, will begin. Theatre troupes from various parts of Europe will once again come to Wrocław to participate in the 10th edition of the „Dziecinada” International Festival of Children’s Theatre. Performing this year will be artists from Poland, Italy, Finland, Lithuania and Slovakia. A Dutch Day and an outdoor party full of additional attractions have also been planned. Each invited performance is a story. Theatre will reach unconventional places. Sensory performances, with a very close relationship that blurs the boundaries between the actor and the spectator, will contrast with the open-air sunny party. Tradition will go hand in hand with modernity here. Some of the activities will be about taming the differently understood otherness, both thanks to artistic statements as well as the availability of performances for people with disabilities and regardless of the financial situation of the spectators. The 10th edition of the festival focuses on the cycle of life: from birth, through childhood and the power of imagination which it brings, to meetings leading to mature relationships. The atmospheric theatre of street vagabonds and large stage shows will be juxtaposed with performances which will convince you that the entire theatrical world can easily fit into a small box, and that miniatures hide great theatrical potential. The topic of the beauty of our planet and how we should take care of it will also be addressed on the stage many times, says Wiktoria Wiktorczyk, the festival’s producer.

Most attractions are planned for 30 September at the square next to the Depot History Centre. The outdoor zone will be filled with exciting and spectacular performances.Kickstart” by Arctic Ensemble is a fun and energetic acrobatic circus show based on Finnish culture, environment and absurd humour. The Kukaj Kukawko band will invite you to the Autumn Time” concert with dance animation. The Klinika Lalek theatre will take the spectators on the Gulliver’s Space Travel” in a magical ship. With the Vertykalna’’ Acrobatic Centre, the audience will rediscover the story of The Little Prince”, full of delightful choreographies and unforgettable experiences. Kapela Timingeriu, a family band created out of the need to experience and share live music, will encourage the listeners to dance to the rhythm of Gypsy, Balkan and Jewish music.

There will also be plenty of additional attractions for both younger and older festival goers. Cultural animators will ensure a fun-filled day for all the participants. The activities provided by our partners will be available until 8.00 p.m. We are sure everyone will find something for themselves. During workshops, under the supervision of artists, animators and teachers, the participants will be able to develop their skills: by decorating with Panato Sito the T-shirts they bring using the screen printing technique, language skills with the Gerelis school and international volunteers from the Prom Foundation, but also social skills under the supervision of Rodzic Lider and Sisters in the game. There will also be energetic games with the Swim & Fun swimming school, arcade games, and constructions made of Lego blocks under the supervision of Planeta Robotów and Linden blocks.

The festival will end on 1 October with the Dutch Day, durig which three performances will be presented.  Through animations and music, the participants will be transported to a fairy-tale world by the Home” performance by Mime Wave. The Dutch Meneer Monster theatre group and the explosive show Luuk” show are a treat for fans of the Wild West and Westerns, while BullyBylly” presented by Maas Theater En Dans is a musical for children in the style of „West Side Story”.

10th „Dziecinada” International Festival of Children’s Theatre

28.09-1.10 | Wrocław


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The event was co-financed from the state budget from the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and from the budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Local Government.