The event will include foreign guests, stories with a lesson behind them, and circus performances. Most importantly there will be a lot of fun – which the International Festival of Children’s Theatre “Dziecinada” has been providing for eight years now. This time around however the event will take place outdoors. The programme includes rich theatrical experiences – there will be something for everyone.

Entertainment for all ages

The guests of this year’s “Dziecinada” festival include, among others, the Squadra Sua group from Czech Republic showcasing the “Bomberos” spectacle, a slapstick comedy about three clowns following the motto of “Help Thy Neighbour”. Their countrymen from Cirk La Putyka will present their “Kaleidoscope” spectacle created during the coronavirus pandemic. The show features crazy jumps on a teeterboard, group dance, aerial acrobatics, and flying on a trampoline. The Baj Pomorski Theatre in Toruń comes to Wrocław to showcase their “Dudi without a feather” – a heart-warming tale of young animals coming into the world, where you can make great friends, but also encounter dangers. We’ll also have visitors from Sweden. The Awake Projects group will present their “Awake LOVE Orchestra” interactive show, taking the audience on a journey through musical cultures and languages from around the globe. The renowned – both in Wrocław and all over the world – “Circus of superpuppets” created by the Puppet Clinic Theatre will also make an appearance.

Outdoors theatre

The organisers also disclosed the locations, where the invited artists will perform. The events of the 8th edition of the festival will take place in open spaces around Wrocław – wherever both safety and entertainment for the whole family can be provided. The most spectacular performances will be held at the Wrocław Horse Racing Track Partynice, in the garden of the Henryk Tomaszewski Pantomime Theatre in Wrocław, as well as the square in front of the “Zajezdnia” History Centre.

Tickets will be available for purchase in early September. Due to the current restrictions for organising outdoor events, their number will be limited.

Programme of ticketed events: 

October, Wrocław Horse Racing Track Partynice 

Dudi without a feather”, Baj Pomorski Theatre in Toruń  

 3 October 

Wrocław Horse Racing Track Partynice 

 “Awake LOVE Orchestra”, Awake Projects (Sweden)  

Garden of Wrocław Mime Theater  

“Wild Things”, Odivo (Slovakia)  

Bomberos”, Squadra Sua (Czech Republic)  

“7 Wheels”, Kauno Miesto Kamerinis Teatras (Lithuania)  

4 October, Zajezdnia History Centre  

Kaleidoscope”, Cirk La Putyka (Czech Republic)  

“TARABUMBA Circus”, Puppet Clinic Theatre 

Details on specific spectacles are available at The event is hosted by Wrocław Culture Zone and the Puppet Clinic Theatre / Foundation for Supporting Alternative and Ecological Cultures