28 September | 12:00 | Impart Centrum, Piłsudskiego 19
Teatr Modrzejewskiej w Legnicy (PL)
For kids from 6 y.o. | duration: about 75 min.

meaning… a tale… that, uh… you can be anything you want to be, buddy! Family spectacle.

“Golec” is a rhyming tale written with inspiration from the classic tales by La Fontaine, Krasicki and Fredro. It was written by actors, playwrights and directors – Paweł Wolak and Katarzyna Dworak (PiK). The duo has received numerous prestigious awards for their work. The Sand Puppy is the story of a little-known creature: the sand puppy, a blind and almost completely hairless African rodent that lives underground. Like bees, sand puppies live in colonies and, as with bees, each individual has a strictly assigned role in the community from the moment of birth. However, the hero of our story is different, he has dreams – he wants to learn, travel, explore the world. So he leaves the nest and, accompanied by his friend, a fly named Misha, sets off on the journey of his life. He finally gets to school and, although his path is not always a bed of roses, he makes friends and gains recognition. In the process, he also learns about tolerance, the right to think for oneself and self-determination.


A strong point of the “Golec” is the music composed by Krzysztof Figurski, and especially the songs sung and danced beautifully by Katarzyna Dworak and, making a guest appearance on the Legnica stage, Małgorzata Pauka. These interludes perfectly mark out the successive phases of the plot, but also give the whole a bit of vaudeville charm.


As far as I have been able to observe, the attractively contrived group scenes and the finale, which literally lifts the children out of their seats, work especially well with an audience of around 9-12 years old. […] The authors of ‘Golec’ have skilfully imbued it with interesting natural facts about insects and other animals, so the play not only entertains, but also teaches. Both children and adults will come out of it wiser.


                                               Piotr Kanikowski, 24legnica.pl



The Polish Theatre in Legnica has existed since 1977. Since 1999 it has been named after the great Polish actress Helena Modrzejewska. Since 1994, when it was managed by Jacek Głomb, it has become one of the most recognised theatres in Poland. It has consistently pursued the concept of linking artistic activity with the space of the city, producing performances not only on stage in a historic building but also in the ruined interiors of former factory halls, restaurants or shops. The outcome of this work are high-profile, award-winning performances, presented to audiences in Poland and abroad, throughout Europe and beyond. The Legnica artists’ social passion prompts them to describe on stage the current situation of Poland and its citizens, asking uncomfortable questions and stirring up controversy. However, classic dramas and even cabaret shows are also staged in Legnica. In addition, a programme of theatre education, unique in Poland, and various general cultural initiatives are staged here. Our theatre is known for entering various spaces – we mark these spaces with a living presence, and by playing in them systematically, we bring them back to life, often saving them from oblivion. The bond between theatre and audience is based not only on authenticity, the source of which lies in the situations presented to the audience on stage. Our theatre is made up of people – actors who are not afraid of blood, sweat or the uncomfortable sanitary conditions in which they are performing. This kind of realism defines our character . Our theatre’s odyssey has spanned almost 30 years.

We also have many years of experience working with foreign partners. This has resulted not only in numerous performances abroad, but also in shows of performances from all over the world in Legnica.