29 September | 12:00 | Impart Centrum, Piłsudskiego 19
Teatr Lalek Guliwer (PL)
For kids from 6 y.o. | duration: about 65 min.

The performance is based on the short story “A Friend of Automateusz” from the collection of ‘Tales of the Robots’. This fascinating, clever and witty story about friendship is an interactive adventure that draws children into a Lem’s world of fantasy. The literary vision of the future transposed to theater’s stage stimulates children’s imagination without sacrificing the characteristic wit of Lem’s prose.. The tragicomic conversations of the main characters in the performance make the audience laugh, and the original setting introduces them to the world of technology, where the theatre of the object is combined with a practical lesson in physics. The story of Automateusz is above all a story showing that even very small chances sometimes have the right to come true, and that believing in the impossible makes sense.


The Gulliver Puppet Theatre  operates for 75 years. Gulliver is one of the oldest children’s theatres in Warsaw and Poland. Gulliver’s main objective is to create a theatre that responds to the contemporary challenges of young people and their caretakers, as well as to offer high artistic quality and to function as a modern, active cultural institution in tune with the needs of the residents of the capital city. The Gulliver Puppet Theatre has been developing its activities in the area of art for children for years, undertaking numerous artistic and educational activities responding to the problems of contemporary audiences.


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