The jubilee „Dziecinada” International Festival of Children's Theatre returns to Wrocław in autumn with performances and attractions – also in several spaces that are new to the participants. The programme includes guests from Italy, Finland, Lithuania and Slovakia. There is also the Dutch Day planned.

The Foundation for Supporting Alternative and Ecological Cultures and the Culture Zone Wrocław once again invite you to a festival full of unique events for children, parents, carers and entire families. The tenth anniversary edition of the festival will take place in Wrocław in autumn, the performances will be available from September 28 to October 1.  The events will be presented at the Impart Centrum, Teatr Polski (Świebodzki Stage), Centrum na Przedmieściu, Firlej, and the open-air day loved by the participants is planned for September 30 at the space of the Depot History Centre.

What can we expect from the 10th edition of „Dziecinada”? At the turn of September and October, theatre troupes from various parts of Europe will once again come to Wrocław to participate in the 10th edition of the „Dziecinada” International Festival of Children’s Theatre. Each invited performance is a story. Theatre will reach unconventional places. We will present intimate, sensory performances which blur the boundaries between the actor and the spectator. Tradition will go hand in hand with modernity here. Some of the activities will be about taming the variously understood otherness, both thanks to artistic statements and the availability of performances for people with disabilities, and accessibility regardless of the financial situation of the spectators. The 10th edition of the festival focuses on the cycle of life: from birth, through childhood and the power of imagination which it brings, to meetings leading to mature relationships. The topic of the beauty of our planet and how we should take care of it will also be addressed on the stage many times, says Wiktoria Wiktorczyk, the festival’s producer.

The festival will begin with a meeting with the youngest participants at Firlej, where during the River” performance prepared for children aged 6 months to 3 years the No Shoes theatre from Lithuania will invite the spectators to get involved and help two actor-dancers in awakening a river. Bubble on Circus will take the audience on a cosmic journey through a world full of soap bubbles, magic and circus acrobatics during the La Vie est Bulle” show. The Odivo theatre from Slovakia will present the Aero” performance, which is a form of object theatre poetry showing the relationship with flying and movement in the air. Thanks to the Gulliver Puppet Theatre and their Przyjaciel Automateusza” play the spectators will experience a fascinating, wise and witty story about friendship, which is an interactive adventure drawing children into the world of Lem’s fantasy. This edition of the festival will end with the Dutch Day, the programme of which includes three performances: Lucky Luuk” – a physical and visual show framed by polyphonic western music performed by Meneer Monster, Home” by the Mime Wave group, where after the introduction, children from the audience will be invited to draw their own dream houses on stage. The last is the Maas Theater and Dance with their BullyBully” show, which is the long-awaited continuation of “Wanted: Rabbit”, “iPet” and “Get’M” – the three shows for the youngest children by René Geerlings, who managed to keep thousands of toddlers and parents on their feet.

During this year’s edition of „Dziecinada”, you can choose from among the countless topics which the festival will cover. Spectators will find here stories about beautiful love, but also about untamed emotions, such as loneliness. They will listen to the story about their place on earth, but also about loss and rediscovering what gives us a sense of security. There will be the theme of the “others” who disturb the peace and take away the confidence, but also bring something new: magic!, says the producer.

The open-air day on September 30 will bring the most attractions, during which, in addition to the performances, the participants will also be able to attend workshops, animations, shows and even a concert on the square in front of the Depot History Centre, the old bus depot at 184 Grabiszyńska Street. The price of the ticket also includes a visit to the multimedia and interactive Main Exhibition at the Depot History Centre. More information and one-day tickets for this day of the festival will be available soon.

The full programme and tickets for the event can be found at:, and


The event is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, the budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship

and the budget of the Municipality of Wrocław.