Centrum na Przedmieściu, formal stage
“Kazio Sponge Show. Palec pod budkę!”, Proces Postaci Foundation (Poalnd)
Age: 3+
Duration: 70 minutes

The performance at 11:00 a.m. will be accompanied by an audio description and Polish Sign Language interpretation thanks to the cooperation with the Katarynka Foundation.

phot. Krzysztof Ścisłowicz

Imagine riding on a roller-coaster where there are no seatbelts, but no one gets hurt. Why? Because there is no gravity. And there is no grounding, no Newtonian dynamics, no attraction, no black holes. Instead, the world works according to a child’s logic and looks like a child’s picture. It is a play where Kazio – a 6-year-old talkative child – invites the audience into his world to face children’s myths and problems together. Kazio is accompanied by Mazi – a multi-instrumentalist and friend, a magician who can make music using a ruler, a can of Coke, some hairspray, his two hands and a looper, making you think that you are listening to a whole band. It is also a play with puppet theatre, music, and words. The numerous interactions with the audience and improvisation makes every meeting with Kazio and Mazoń a perfect way to boost your spirits.

Kazio Sponge was created in 2009 at the Puppetry Department of the Wrocław State Theatre School (now the Academy of Theatre Arts), when its originator and creator – Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk – was still a freshman student. Since then, he made quite a stir on the Polish theatre scene. Kazio is 52 centimetres tall and has an advanced speech impediment. He is a gentleman, a sharp-witted celebrity, a chatterbox, and an expert in expressing his opinion on any topic – without exceptions. In 2018, he joined forces with Grzegorz Mazoń – an actor, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. This cooperation resulted in musical performances for adults and children presented in Wrocław Puppet Theatre and at many events in Poland.

Concept, script, stage design: Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk Grzegorz Mazoń
Music: Grzegorz Mazoń
Starring: Kazio Sponge, Grzegorz Mazoń

Teatr Polski, Świebodzki stage
“Loo”, Ponten Pie (Spain)
Age: 2-5
Duration: 30 minutes

phot. press materials

This show features an extraordinary visual power and an elegant aesthetic composition that  give the little ones the opportunity to discover live art with an exceptional artistic quality. The spectators are given the chance to feel a unique contact with the actress and feel  integrated into the story they are witnessing. We give the youngest children the opportunity to  look around within a universe of sensations and stimuli that will undoubtedly help them to  create a large library of resources, values and creative criteria that will undoubtedly accompany  them in their particular journey of growth and personal development. The proposal’s subtle and truly poetic work is very unusual in shows for this kind of audience,  so being able to see “Loo” is a real privilege. A characteristic feature of the Ponten Pie’s productions is that the spectators literally sit on the  stage, sharing the space with the performers and breaking the barrier between reality and  theatricality, giving the children the opportunity to travel through their imaginary in a purer  way.

Original Idea and direction: Sergi Ots
Assistant to director: Emilie De Lemos
Script: Sergi Ots and Emilie De Lemos
Actors: Natàlia Méndez
Set Design: Adrià Pinar, Sergi Ots
Set construction and artifacts: Adrià Pinar and Pau Seguí
Costume Design: Marcel Bofill and Nahoko Maeshima
Lights: Adrià Pinar
Photography: Sergi Ots
Tour Management: Ana Sala (IKEBANAH ARTES ESCÉNICAS)
A production between: Ponten Pie & Festival EL Més Petit de Tots

Centrum na Przedmieściu, patio
“Donna Quixota”, Pina Polar (Poland/Portugal)
Age: 4+
Duration: 55 minutes

phot. press materials

“Donna Quixota” is a play and a circus performance with elements of contemporary clown acts, based on Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”.

Donna Quixota tells the hilarious story of Pina, who runs the family business – an Antique Shop. By selling books, she goes on journeys into literary fantasy worlds where anything is possible. Among the books she has, one could find “Alice in Wonderland”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Treasure Island”, “Dracula”, and many others. The eccentric saleswoman interprets the books using circus acts, magic, and her imagination, which – as we see as the plot of the play unfolds – is not bound by the logic of the real world. It is a return to childhood, to the time where everyday objects had other meanings and uses, and reality was nothing but a large playground filled with adventures and surprises. One of Pina’s books is “Don Quixote”. Pulled in by the story, she becomes Donna Quixota, who battles the windmill she created and must face an unhappy ending. The doors of the fantasy land are open and anything can happen…

Cast: Pina Polar
Director: Aitor Basauri, Wiktor Wiktorczyk and Pina Polar
Stage and costume design: Pina Polar
Lighting: Pedro Pires Cabral

Impart, backyard stage
“The King’s New Clothes”, Animation Theatre in Poznań (Poland)
Age: 8+
Duration: 100 minutes

phot. Maciej Zakrzewski

Everybody knows the famous fairy tale by Andersen. A self-absorbed ruler who loves his outfits, scamming tailors, invisible robes and the famous cry: “The Emperor is naked!”
Animation Theatre in Poznań decided to take a closer look at the story. Why does the king love the beautiful outfits so much, surround himself with objects and want to have more, look better and own as much as he can? What made him forget what was really important – living life and loving his loved ones? Today, in the 21st century, we no longer have kings and emperors among us? Or maybe we are the kings and emperors of our times?

The plot of play takes place here and now – the world of fashion is ruled by eccentric dictators, money and work are more important than being together, and loneliness is drowned out by new gadgets. They complemented the classic tale with a large dose of absurd humour, characteristic of Malina Prześluga, as well as even more songs.

It is a puppet and actor family musical in which the classic fairy tale becomes a starting point to a conversation about ourselves.

The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme.