3.10 (Thursday), Impart


Small Premiere: Hamlet, Polish Theatre in Poznań, 40 minutes, age: 9+

10:00 and 12:00 a.m. – contact for groups: alicja.dolata@strefakultury.pl

photo credit: Maciej Zakrzewski

Together with students of the “Łejery” school, the creators build their play around the themes of loss, love and family relations. In this piece, Shakespeare’s drama is just as important as the creations of children invited to collaborate and help make it happen. Going with probably the most famous tragedy among the works of the playwright from Stratford-upon-Avon, and one of the most important works in the history of drama, as well as confronting it with the fresh perspective of young people, allowed for a new opening – a new encounter with the drama classic. Why is Hamlet on YouTube? What does Laertes have to do with prestige? Why did Ophelia disappear from Instagram?

Authors and creators:

Director, music: Marcin Starosta

Text preparation: Marcelina Obarska, Marcin Starosta

Stage design, lighting, costumes: Krystian Szymczak

Theatre teacher: Agnieszka Misiewicz

Choreography consultant: Sonia Borkowicz

Lighting consultant: Mirek Kaczmarek

Animation: Art Club led by dh Grażyna Daniel

Arrangement and animation editors: Maria Horowska, Emil Tybura


VoicesNoisesStone – on this earth at home, Theater o.N. (Germany), 45 minutes, age: 2-5

10:00 a.m. – contact for groups: alicja.dolata@strefakultury.pl

5:00 p.m. – SOLD OUT

photo credit: A.S.K. China

Interactive Performance for small persons and big persons, young and old.

Building from the experience of two musical productions for the youngest ones Affinity, a performance for the ears, and the sound-art piece Pling, little thing, the actors invite the audience into a room ready for experiments: where the borders defined by language are pushed open and everyone can play and discover, together or on one’s own.

In the first part the participants go on a sensorial trip along the streak of the voice. Sounds whir above the heads. Silence. Eavesdropping. Are we hearing someone’s cough? Is something rustling? Words? In Chinese? German? Turkish? A melody starts. A lullaby can soothe the children, a deeper sound prick up the ears. A call, a bird’s cry, a fluster. Soft and quiet, as if we were lying in someone’s lap. Loud and far-reaching, as if we were greeting from mountain to mountain. A rhythm appears. The hands clap, caress, rub. The floor becomes an instrument. Round stones roll on the floor, then big and angular ones join them. The room transforms.

In the second part we explore how the stones sound like. All participants are given time to discover their crazy variety of tones. Listening, playing, grabbing with the hands, using the drumsticks: we share moments of making music together and listening to one another. Then the performers lead the participants out of this playful chaos with the song Elefano taken from the piece Pling, little thing and end the trip by forming a circle and offering us a multi-vocal song.

Authors and creators:

Performance, Percussion, Singing: Iduna Hegen, Uta Lindner, Andreas Pichler
Direction Theater o.N.: Dagmar Domrös, Doreen Markert, Vera Strobel

4.10 (Friday), Impart


Opowieści z Niepamięci / Stories from Oblivion Teatr Animacji w Poznaniu, 70 minutes, age: 9+

9:00 and 12:00 a.m. – contact for groups: alicja.dolata@strefakultury.pl

photo credit: Krzysztof Bieliński

The old Slavic demonology, as well as its unique legends and their magical creatures is slowly fading into oblivion. The creators of Stories from Oblivion decided to save some of them from being forgotten. The stage houses actors, who – like in the days of old – tell the stories about the powerful shepherds of the clouds, crazy forest quacks, the cunning and dangerous hags and the fearsome and mysterious Maerolorn. However, at the very beginning of their tale, we can see Kłobuk – a quiet forest spirit, whose presence always heralds disaster. From that moment everything goes wrong – legends, instead of appearing in words and whispers, come to life! The actors of the Teatr Animacji, together with the children in the audience, must plead with the quack, avoid being deceived by the loathsome Hag, fight with Maerolorn – and save the shepherd of the clouds, without whom we would lose…. our weather!

The unique and custom puppets made by Duda Paiva actually come to life on stage, evoking respect, sometimes horror, and sometimes sincere laughter. Duda Paiva, a Brazilian living in the Netherlands, decided to take a closer look at the Slavic legends. Perhaps thanks to this play we will get to know them anew?

Authors and creators:

Concept, direction, puppet design, choreography: Duda Paiva

Concept, dramaturgy: Malina Prześluga

Composer Dawid Dabrowski

Assistant director: Paweł Strumiński (ATB)

Assistant writer: Małgorzata Rekusz

Puppet production: Grzegorz Fijałkowski, Damian Kubasiewicz, Mariusz Szajbe


A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup, Shoshinz (Japan), 50 minutes, family show

10:45 a.m. – contact for groups: alicja.dolata@strefakultury.pl

5:30 p.m. – SOLD OUT

photo credit: Louis Longpre

The mysterious Miss Hiccup lives alone but is definitely not lonely. She is forever accompanied by a raucous cast of sounds and music that make her life an absurd adventure.

Shoshinz is one of the most renowned comedy acts in Japan, regularly performing in Tokyo, Canada, and the United States. “As clown ratings go,” wrote the Montreal Gazette, “the rresistible Yanomi is right up there with the best of the Cirque du Soleil pros.” “It’s not often you run across a show that is satisfying for adults, kids, performers and stoners of all ages,” wrote Victoria’s Monday Magazine, “but that’s exactly what you get with this charming and quite often hilarious fast- paced slice of Tokyo clowning.”

Authors and creators:

Performed & Created by: Yanomi

Music: Shunji Nakamachi

Costume & Eyelushes: VIVID VI- VRANT

Make-up: Preta Porco

Props: Yanomi

Co-financed by Japan Foundation as a part of The 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Poland and Japan.

5.10 (Saturday), Impart


Hamlet, The Pocket Oxford Theater Company (United Kingdom), 70 minutes, age: 6-106

10:30 a.m.

2:30 p.m.

press photo

Being a teenager is hard enough, but when the ghost of your father sends you to avenge his murder, it would surely drive anyone mad!

Up to their usual shenanigans, The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company take the audience – and our tragic hero, Hamlet – on an hilarious journey of ghosts, duels, poison, murder and THAT skull routine… not forgetting the ventriloquist dummy, a magic curtain and The Lion King!

Created in 2008, Pocket Oxford Theatre’s original and entertaining productions are always fun, highly visual, interactive and engaging for young audiences (aged 6 to 106!). Their madcap extravaganzas are the perfect introduction to the Bard’s timeless stories – with plenty of audience participation, as well as key lines from the original text, they are noisy, fast-paced and cool for kids – making Shakespeare something not something to be afraid of!

Authors and creators:

Teds Walker, Jonathan Richardson and Lisa Lee


The Enchanted Mountain, Kaunas State Puppet Theatre (Lithuania), 50 minutes, age: 10+

12:30 a.m.

5:30 p.m.

press photo

The nations of different faiths live at the foot of the mountain according to their customs and traditions and can‘t agree in any way whose religion is more important, whose God is more powerful. Suddenly the light appeared at the top of the mountain and the rumor spreads out that, if anybody will touch it by hand, people will become happy until the end of the ages

The representatives of the nations fall on climbing up the top of the mountain forgeting their homes, children and parents, losing everything because of the promise of happiness.

The infinite desire to touch the Light of Happiness made the neighbors to forget the eternal anger and achieve the goal together. But the creators of the performance prepare a surprise for the audience and don‘t promise easy predictable end of the story.

The goal of the creative group is to highlight the importance of tolerance and respect for different worldviews, lifestyles, other cultures or nations but at the same time don‘t forget native roots and identity.

The performance is created using cinematographic principles. The usual dialogue and narrative is refused in the staging. The word is replaced by audio-visual language, the soundtrack is created for the performance like for the movie.

Authors and creators:

Author and director: Andrius Žiurauskas

Puppet and scenery design: Giedrė Brazytė

Composer Oleg Jerochin

The sound effect: “Aktida“

Cast: Jolita Ross, Mindaugas Černiauskas, Remigijus Endriukaitis, Andrius Žiurauskas, Arunas Veržbavičius, Ramunas Mockus.

6.10 (Sunday), Impart


Calineczka/Thumbelina, Ateneum – Silesian Puppet and Actor Theatre from Katowice, 60 minutes, age: 3+

11:00 a.m. – SOLD OUT

3:00 p.m. – SOLD OUT

photo credit: Tomasz Zakrzewski

The plot of the play by Marta Guśniowska, based on one of Andersen’s most beloved fairy tales does not diverge from the original, keeping all the well-known and loved themes.

Kidnapped by Toad looking for a wife for her son, then captured by a Stag Bettle, Thumbelina finds shelter in the dwelling of a Mouse, who in turn wants to marry her off to the Mole. The tiny protagonist sets out on a long, difficult journey, during which she meets characters who are mostly negative and selfish, and who try to impose their own will on her; she has to face them in this symbolic journey of initiation.

Thumbelina’s adventures are a story about growing up and dreaming, about searching for one’s own path and desire for freedom. As the director Katarzyna Kawalec says, “(…) this play is about learning to listen to your dreams, but also about not listening to your inner voice and everything that stems from both these attitudes.”

This positive spectacle with a slightly surreal atmosphere, an attractive plot and funny, exaggerated characters whose shortcomings and relationships relate to the world of people, is addressed to younger viewers. Starring: Krystyna Nowińska.

Authors and creators:

Director: Katarzyna Kawalec

Stage design: Pavel Hubička

Music: Łukasz Damrych

Movement: Klaudia Cygoń

Assistant director: Ewa Reymann

Cast: Katarzyna Kuderewska, Krystyna Nowińska, Katarzyna Prudło, Ewa Reymann,  Beata Zawiślak, Grzegorz Eckert, Piotr Janiszewski, Michał Skiba